I’m Andy

A Guitarist, Engineer & Teacher

Online American Primitive Guitar Lessons

With Andy Hammond

Can’t find a local teacher with the right specialisms? I provide online American Primitive Guitar lessons via Skype or Google Hangouts to guitarists across the world.

All my students benefit from tailor made schedules that address their individual interests and target their strengths and weaknesses. 

Who Are My Skype Lessons For?

If You're Interested!

If you’ve found my website then you’re presumably already interested in American Primitive! My specialist lessons teach the fundamentals, through to advanced techniques, and we’ll always have a goal to work towards.


Intermediate Guitarists

If you can play basic chords and scales in standard tuning then you’re able to begin exploring open tunings and fingerstyle techniques. Lessons are great for providing a clear direction and will speed up your progression.

Advanced Guitarists

If you have already explored American Primitive but don’t think you’ve quite nailed the feel then my lessons can help you to develop a larger, more advanced repertoire and a more authentic approach to performance.

Why Learn American Primitive Guitar Online?

Learn from home.

No travel time or costs. Easily fit lessons around your schedule.

Niche Genre

The internet helps me to connect with likeminded students. It can help you find a suitable teacher too.


Record Your Lessons

A great review tool. Record all of our lessons so you can watch them again!

What Do You Need for online lessons?


A Decent Internet Connection

Most modern internet connections will be sufficient to stream video and audio.


Skype or Google Hangouts

Both Skype and Google Hangouts are free to use software programs for making video calls.

A Computer, Tablet or Phone

A computer, laptop, tablet or phone. The bigger the screen the better, so you can see more of my playing.

Space At Home

To get the most out of our lessons you’ll need somewhere in your house that is quiet and well lit.

A Webcam

If your device hasn’t got a built-in webcam and microphone then you’ll need to buy one.


Need Help?

Unsure what you should be buying, or how to install the software? Get in contact. I am happy to provide support and guidance prior to our lessons.