Online Lessons

Why would you want a teacher?


Learn a systematic approach to the fingerstyle patterns that form the basis of American Primitive.

Develop technique that suits you, whilst also understanding alternative approaches and the pros and cons of each method.



Music isn’t just about playing notes in the right order.

Understanding the underlying characteristics of each composition and learning how to convey them in your own work is the key to an authentic performance.

This is the element that many guitarists lack, the solution to which cannot be written as TAB, but can be found by discussing and exploring the genre and the approaches and ideas of its contributors.



Most guitarists are unaware of their flaws, and unless you know what you need to improve neither books or YouTube can provide feedback specifically for you.

Through our online lessons I will be able to evaluate your playing and facilitate a means to improve.


The fastest way to learn any style of guitar is to begin with the fundamentals, consolidate them and then build an increasing amount of complexity and diversity into your repertoire.

Taking too big a step, choosing the wrong direction or attempting a composition for which you haven’t yet learnt the fundamentals can lead to dead ends and lots of wasted time.

Having experienced many American Primitive compositions I have been able to categorise and order a number of them into a learning programme that introduces technique and complexity one layer at a time.


Our Lesson Material

John Fahey

John Fahey’s catalogue is fundamental to understanding the genre. Thankfully many of his tracks can be approached by a novice fingerstyle guitarist – although that doesn’t mean they’re easy to master!

Foreign Influences

American Primitive has been influenced by multiple genres with Indian Classical being one of the more prominent. Jack Rose and Robbie Basho, amongst others, are interesting artists to explore to extend American Primitive knowledge.



In many cases I am able to cater to song requests. If TABs do not exist then I’m happy to work them out and TAB them.


Early blues is a significant precursor to American Primitive. Learning some blues songs provides opportunity to learn related fingerstyle techniques that deviate from and compliment travis picking.